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Field of Activities Project cycle principles a better way of working
IMG actions respond to the needs of the country being assisted. IMG is capable of undertaking various responsibilities in projects covering: energy, rural development, water and sanitation, education and promotion of good governance, the promotion of small and medium sized enterprises, data base design implementation...

A. Needs Assessment
In this field IMG can guarantee:
Fast Mobilisation. IMG can rapidly mobilize and deploy expertise and the necessary equipment anywhere.
Technical expertise. IMG has at its disposal a large complement of experienced experts covering many professional disciplines. (IMG developed standards for the reconstruction of houses in Bosnia and Herzegovina which have since become universally recognised and adopted).
Application of technologies.
Comprehensive and detailed reports and analysis.
Identification of the most appropriate approach/strategy for the projects implementation and precise cost estimations for particular project solutions.

B. Technical projects
Given IMG’s original genesis as a technical organisation dealing with infrastructure reconstruction, it is only logical that IMG continues to offer its competence for the management of simple and complex engineering projects. It should be stressed out that “complex” does not only refer to technical matters but to the circumstances in which projects are being carried out.

C. Credit Lines
Based on its recognized capacity for managing programmes, IMG has also been tasked with the overall management or the monitoring of major credit line facilities provided by members of its Steering Committee.

D. Fund Management
IMG has also been requested to manage other funds which fall outside of more conventional project management activities for such an organisation.

E. Feasibility Studies
In the phase of the Identification of the Project Cycle Management, IMG has been tasked by different partners to prepare technical-economic studies in order to compare and verify the requests of the Beneficiary Countries with the real needs of the territory.

F. Capacity Building
Transferring managerial and technical "know-how" to the beneficiaries. This transfer is based on a participatory approach.