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Operational Resources

IMG avails of considerable technical and managerial expertise which can be rapidly mobilised and deployed in the following sectors:
  • Housing, Social Buildings, Urbanism
  • Transportation (roads, railways, waterways, bridges, airport facilities)
  • Water Management (supply, waste water, sewage)
  • Energy (generation, transmission, distribution, heating, natural resources)
  • Telecommunications
  • Environmental Protection
  • Institutional Capacity Building
  • Databases, GIS
Human Resources

IMG disposes of an extensive pool of national and expatriate staff to carry out its activities. The background and experience of its local staff - mainly, but not exclusively in the former Yugoslavia - and its expatriate experts covers a wide range of professions capable of providing technical support including hydraulic, electrical, mechanical, civil and chemical engineers, architects, agronomists, system engineers, data processing/management experts, administrators and translators.

This enables IMG to rapidly constitute and move an expert team to a new mission area as required.